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Macquarie is a university of service and engagement.

ebet体育为学生服务,让他们参与进来, staff and the broader community through transformative learning and life experiences, the discovery and dissemination of ideas, and innovation underpinned by deep and varied partnerships.



  • a destination of choice for students and staff who share our values
  • deeply connected with our stakeholders and partners, and known for this globally
  • ranked among the highest-performing research universities of Australia and, 重点学科, to be recognised globally for our pre-eminence
  • known across Australia and beyond as custodians of a remarkable university campus that blends the vibrancy of a cosmopolitan university village with a setting of Australian natural bushland.


  • 奖学金: we believe learning, enquiry and discovery improve lives.
  • 完整性: we conduct ourselves ethically, equitably and for mutual benefit.
  • 授权: we make our community a source of strength and creativity.

We prepare our students for successful futures in a demanding, dynamic, uncertain yet exciting world.


  • 擅长高要求的工作
  • face the dynamic world with confidence
  • 乐观地应对不确定性
  • 抓住机会成为创新者.


  • 了解联系的力量
  • experiencing the rigour of deep thinking
  • seeing the power of community and collaboration in solving problems
  • engaging in a contemporary educational experience.

ebet体育ebet体育 deepens knowledge and delivers impact for communities small and large, 远近, in a complex and ever-changing world.


  • deepening understanding and creation of new knowledge
  • maximising impact to benefit society
  • collaboration and partnership to harness the power of connection
  • preparing research graduates for productive, diverse and exciting careers.

As we progress our 2020-2024年大学运营计划, we have set out a shared commitment to be:

  • 以毕业生就业能力著称, putting students and their success first by leveraging our deep 行业 connections to deliver an outstanding student experience combined with innovative learning and teaching, and a coursework suite design centred on employability
  • sustainably ranked in the top 200 and on a trajectory to be among the top 150 universities in the world through a continued focus on multidisciplinary research, investment in defined research areas and training, and an acceleration of growth and diversification in sources of external income
  • 雇主的选择, retains and develops the highest-performing academic and professional staff who, through our collaborative and collegial culture, 是否培养了抓住机遇的能力. We have a heightened emphasis on performance, professional development and adaptability to meet the ever-changing requirements of the communities we serve
  • known globally for our deep connections between students, 学者, 行业, society and global partners that defy the traditional boundaries of academia to effect change.

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