At Macquarie, we're proud of our international research reputation.

Our commitment to world-leading research with world-changing impact has been recognised in the results we achieved under the Australian Government’s most recent Excellence in ebet体育 for Australia (ERA) evaluation, which ranked 85 per cent of our research as ‘performing at world standard’ or higher.

Macquarie’s Strategic ebet体育 Framework: 2015–2024 has firmly established the University’s commitment to world-leading research with world-changing impact.

The framework ensures our considerable research expertise focuses on our priority areas of healthy people, 有弹性的社会, 繁荣的经济, 安全的星球和创新的技术. These priorities are buttressed by four research objectives:

  • 加速世界领先的ebet体育成果
  • 培养世界一流的高等学位ebet体育候选人
  • to engage as a world-recognised collaborator of choice, and
  • 提供具有改变世界影响的ebet体育.



From research into bionic brains and superbugs to invasive fruit flies and lead-contaminated drinking water, Macquarie’s biological sciences researchers are working in the areas of animal behaviour, 保护遗传学, 生态, 进化生物学, 微生物学, 古生物学, 植物生物学和动物学. A significant focus is on international networking that builds global research collaborations. 了解更多.


从性别薪酬差距的ebet体育, portable long service leave and corporate moral responsibility to the Australian self-medication industry, 航空安全和零售疗法, Macquarie’s business researchers are actively engaged in research that responds to Macquarie’s five future-shaping research priorities. 了解更多.


From research into anti-cancer drugs and photosynthetic bacteria to the rapid detection of disease pathogens and the effects of chronic caffeine and sucrose consumption, Macquarie’s chemical and biomolecular sciences researchers are driving major advances in basic and commercial research in analytical spectrometry, glycochemistry, 定量蛋白质组学, 以及分离科学和仪器方法. ebet体育ebet体育ers are also pioneering new methods in laser spectroscopy, 催化与有机地球化学. 了解更多.


从对澳大利亚电影的ebet体育, Japanese techno-culture and cartoon 音乐 to video games and culture, 社交媒体和国家暴力, ebet体育的创造性艺术, communication and culture researchers are recognised internationally for their work in film, 电视, 广播, 数字媒体, 音乐, 文学ebet体育, 儿童文学, 创意写作, 批判理论, 传媒与传播学, 和性能. 了解更多.


From research into the early evolution of life to Earth’s deep plumbing system and the eruption of volcanoes, Macquarie’s 地球科学 research spans a wide range of topics in Earth and planetary sciences, with concentrations in the following five areas: geodynamics, 地球过程中的地球化学和同位素示踪, 地球生物学, 地壳和地幔的演化, 和行星演化. 了解更多.


ebet体育到信息通信技术在学习中的应用, bilingual education and students with challenging behaviour to services for children who have experienced emergency situations, Macquarie is recognised internationally as a leader in early childhood, 主, secondary and higher education; educational leadership; special and inclusive education; and technology-based learning and teaching. 了解更多.


From research into wi-fi and robots to wearable antennas for medical applications and next-generation cellular systems, Macquarie’s engineering researchers are dedicated to creating technological solutions to problems relevant to society’s health and environment – solutions that expand the capability of people to achieve their goals.

We have research strengths in electromagnetic and antenna design, 能量转换和管理, 综合无线通信系统, 非线性电子, 导波光学与光子学, 超大规模集成, 还有无线通信和网络. We also have a strong research program in mechanical engineering related to precision manufacturing with an emphasis on medical devices and applications. 了解更多.


对热带气旋的ebet体育, toxic dust and natural hazards to Antarctic contamination and invasive species, Macquarie’s environmental sciences researchers operate at the interdisciplinary interface between environmental and 地球科学, 生态, 社会和政策影响. We undertake cross-departmental and cross-institutional collaborative research with colleagues in the fields of biology, 气候科学, 地球系统科学与地质年代学. 了解更多.


从儿科物理治疗的ebet体育, sporting injuries and chronic pain to the relationship between hearing loss, 老化和痴呆, Macquarie’s health sciences researchers are experts in the fields of allied health, 脊椎按摩疗法, 临床听力学, 环境卫生, 物理治疗, 公共卫生, 还有言语和语言病理学. 了解更多.


ebet体育到CT扫描古代文物, Egyptian mummification and ancient spells to the Gallipoli campaign and war brides, Macquarie’s history and archaeology researchers are undertaking research spanning periods from Eurasian and Australian prehistory to the present, utilising diverse archival and archaeological materials and varying approaches from Big History to micro-studies, 包括对历史探究本质的反思. 了解更多.


从生殖健康和性健康的ebet体育, infectious disease and contemporary religion to urban regeneration, 气候适应和社会住房, Macquarie has a long and distinguished record of contributions in social theory, 环境-人类关系地理学, 当代社会学, 应用社会ebet体育和政策. ebet体育ebet体育 is driven by a critical approach to social theory and to the policy and social problems confronting Australian and global societies. 了解更多.


从网络安全ebet体育, intelligent virtual agents and malware to data mining and controlled languages, our location in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct facilitates collaborative research projects with industry that seek bold solutions for national and global challenges. 高端的行业合作伙伴包括亚特兰蒂斯视觉, 澳大利亚信号理事会, BCS在线, CSIRO, 数据通信, 国防科技组织, EMC, 单心的, 霍尼韦尔, 华为, IBM, 微软和澳都斯. 了解更多.


对战争报道的ebet体育, open-plan classroom acoustics and language learning resources for the deaf to manga and the origins of language, Macquarie’s languages and linguistics research spans a range of topics from intercultural communication to language sciences and child language disorders. ebet体育在语言习得ebet体育方面处于世界领先地位, and are home to renowned researchers in applied linguistics, TESOL和专业沟通. 了解更多.


从对人权的ebet体育, 社会正义和种族灭绝与辅助生殖有关, 代孕和克隆, Macquarie’s 法律 and legal studies researchers are pioneers of interdisciplinary 法律 study in Australia, and provide you with unparalleled opportunities to explore some of the globe’s most pressing and diverse legal issues. 了解更多.


From research into the security of e-passport systems and the design of randomised clinical trials to arithmetical properties of 音乐al rhythms and risk management in electricity markets, Macquarie’s mathematical sciences and statistics researchers are undertaking research in pure and applied mathematics (with strengths in applied mathematics, 范畴论, harmonic analysis and number theory) and statistics (with strengths in biostatistics, 流行病学和医学统计, 图像处理, 随机金融与时间序列分析. 了解更多.


从对机械臂的ebet体育, 黑色素瘤和乳腺癌的医疗旅游, prostate cancer screening and electronic medication management, Macquarie is setting new national benchmarks in medical research through the establishment of Australia’s only academic health sciences centre.

Macquarie University Health Sciences Centre (MUHSC) is a partnership between the University, ebet平台开户医院和医疗保健提供者. MUHSC delivers an integrated approach to research, clinical services, education and training.

This research and healthcare model is used by many of the world’s leading academic institutions and hospitals, and it ensures that medical research breakthroughs directly lead to improving patients’ lives. 了解更多.


作为澳大利亚第一的MBA学校*, the 麦考瑞管理ebet体育生院 (MGSM) has an international reputation for excellence in management education. MGSM’s approach to research ensures that theoretical advancements inform and relate to practical knowledge and techniques. MGSM undertakes research projects with a network of partners that include some of the world’s most influential businesses.

公司关系是MGSM的基石, and our partners include leading global businesses such as Australian Securities Exchange, 辉瑞, 西门子医疗, 数据通信, 科络捷, 澳大利亚狮子儿童癌症ebet体育基金会, 约翰逊 & 约翰逊, Chris O ' brien生命之屋, 澳大利亚的业务基础, 是学习, 以及新南威尔士州贸易与投资. 了解更多.

* According to the world’s seminal rankings indicator – the Financial Times, January 2015.


从外科手术干预的伦理ebet体育, organ donation and reproductive cloning to post-adoptive parental obligation and the live sheep export trade, the philosophy program at Macquarie also has long-standing research strengths in European philosophy, 道德, 哲学心理学, 心灵哲学和社会哲学. 最近, 它还发展了生物伦理学方面的专业, 医学伦理与道德认知. 了解更多.


From research into granny galaxies and supermassive black holes to nano-optical tweezers and SuperDots, Macquarie’s physics and astronomy researchers work on fundamental and applied physics in optics, photonics and lasers; astronomy and astrophysics; or quantum information science. They enjoy outstanding international collaborative links and publish their research in high-impact journals. 了解更多.


From research into neurodevelopmental disorders and how brain function in recipients of cochlear implants is measured to human eating behaviour, 焦虑和抑郁, Macquarie is home to some of the best national and international psychology and cognitive science academics and researchers.

The internationally respected research conducted by these experts is backed by first-class facilities, 包括情绪健康中心, the Cognition Clinic for Reading and the Australian Hearing Hub. 了解更多.


ebet体育可持续的城市主义, energy justice and Indigenous water rights to life in the Anthropocene, 替代的食物路径和本土头衔, urban and regional planning research at Macquarie is characterised by interdisciplinary perspectives. ebet体育 among our team intersects with the fields of human geography, 人口统计学, 环境科学与管理, 地理信息系统, 法律, 以及对气候变化的适应能力. 了解更多.

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